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Diversity Statement

Loud Media LLC, it's radio stations and subsidaries are committed to cultivating diversity throughout our company, including people of color, women and the LGBTQ community. We strive to create an inclusive culture which includes and supports gender identity and sexual orientation. We are dedicated to attracting and developing a diverse, talented workforce that will create and deliver a spectrum of content for our diverse audiences across multiple platforms and live events.

Workforce diversity, when defined as inclusion, drives a commitment to embrace our differences while creating workable solutions for our clients. We embrace those differences and consider our differences to be one of our greatest strengths. Inclusion and workforce diversity are terms used to describe a business strategy. However, at Loud Media. they are much more than that - inclusion is about letting people in, and eliminating barriers that would keep people out. Inclusion is about people working together, creating solutions for our advertisers across our multi-media assets of Radio and Digital.

Our ZERO TOLERANCE policy that prohibits discrimination extends beyond our employees, into each and every market in which we conduct business. We operate openly within a corporate culture that allows each and every employee the opportunity to excel.

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